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Dodo Pizza/味美达披萨
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Boasting an advanced IT system that tracks each order and helps kitchen staff create pizzas efficiently, Dodo Pizza pushes the boundaries in the pizza business – it was even the first restaurant to deliver pizzas by drone.

The branch in Binjiang is a casual, dine-in and take-out restaurant. Customers place their order at the counter, find their own table, wait for their number to be announced on a screen and then return to the counter to pick-up their food. With 14 different pizza combinations, there’s something to suit Chinese customers and Western tastes.

Whole pizzas are 10 inches in diameter and all combinations cost 69RMB. You can also get pizza by the slice for 9RMB, available in Pepperoni or Shrimp & Pineapple. Pizza slices come from a larger 14 inch pizza and if they are not sold after 45 minutes, the cost goes down to 3RMB a slice. After 1 hour, the pizza slices won’t be sold anymore. Dodo takes product freshness very seriously and they have a strict shelf life for all ingredients.

Our Dodo and Super Mexican pizza came out quickly after ordering and were hot, fresh and loaded with ingredients. The dough is dusted with a mixture of corn meal and flour for a nice crumbly texture on the outside. 

The crust is puffy and has a chewy bite, if there was some creamy garlic sauce for dipping, that would be just perfect. Among the American pizza chains operating in Hangzhou, we like Dodo Pizza the most.

Dodo Pizza is family friendly and there are kid’s activities like DIY pizza making parties. You only need to pay for the price of a pizza with no extra cost for the instruction. Make an appointment 1 day in advance. A foosball table and a variety of board games are also available and free for customers to use.

From Monday to Thursday, pizzas are buy-1-get-1-free. Delivery is offered within 3km and they use a special delivery box to keep the pizza at its best.

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Dodo Pizza is particularly famous for using new and innovative business ideas in the business world. One can get help with mathematics by review source. This is the only restaurant of its kind that has introduced a very unique delivery system by taking help from the drones.
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108-109, Building 2, Phase 1, Xingyao City, 2028 Jiangling Road

0571 8667 2957

Opening Hours:
10am - 11pm

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