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Chuan Wei Guan, West Lake Branch/川味观西湖店
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Winter is the perfect time for eating hotpot. Nothing battles the chill of a Siberian jet stream like the bubbling roils of spicy Sichuan broth. The day we went to check out the new Chuan Wei Guan it was freezing outside with a wind chill factor of Demi Moore. Ideal conditions for a hotpot review. We entered and felt that same comfortable pleasantness indicative of all of Chuan Wei Guan branches, but is this place swankier than the others or what? They’ve got black lacquer tables in the reception/lobby area matched to a variety of black and white zebra-like chairs and a beautiful fountain that was very fengshui-y. We were escorted to a “special” table because we apparently looked special, I’m not sure if it was “good” special or “bad” special but we appreciated it nonetheless. We were very happy to find the menu had been completely translated and filled with pictures. They also have a lunch-special, picture menu available (no English) until February 19th with cheap dishes on it. We ordered one Beef and Tied Tofu dish (19RMB) off of that one, but what drew us here on such a cold day was the green hotpot we’d heard about. When it came to the table, we could smell the spice coming off it. This was going to be a meal not for the faint of stomach. Apparently, this new green hotpot craze started in Chengdu and has taken aim on Hangzhou like a shotgun full of chili. With it we got the standard mix of many types of vegetables, the prerequisite beef, tofu skin, quail eggs, and glass noodles. Everything came out in record time testifying to the efficiency of these new handheld computer/order pad contraptions the servers were using. Everything at the new Chuan Wei Guan was more than on par, and the place was jammed with people throughout our meal. Big private rooms are available for tables of ten. Our meal for four came to just under 200RMB, but a large percentage of that total was the freshly squeezed orange juice (48RMB).
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539-3 Fengqi Road

05718779 5866

Opening Hours:
11am - 4:30am
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