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ChakDe Indian Restaurant/查可得印度餐厅
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Chak De IndiaCricket Restaurant is a casual family run restaurant on XinyifangCommercial Street, a pleasant tree lined canal with bars, restaurants and tea houses up near Wenyi Road and Hushu Road.Chak De has been opened since May and they are steadily buildinga clientele of foreign and Chinese customers – a testament to theIndian chef in the kitchen churning out delicious,authentic Indian cuisine.

The small restaurant can sit 30 people in roomy booths. TV screens show Bollywood music videos so you can immerse yourself in the Indian experience and watch Shah Rukh Khan gyratehis hips while you eat.A bit of side trivia, “Chak De” has similar meaning to the Putonghua “Jia You” and “Chak De India” is a familiar battle cry of Indian cricket fans.

The English and Chinese menu features an extensive array of Indian dishes, from North Indian classicsChicken Tikka Masala (45RMB) and Mutton Rogan Josh (45RMB) to South Indian items Masala Dosa and Uttapam (30-45RMB). There are even snack foods like BhelPuri and Chat (18 –40RMB).

Hara BharaKababs (35RMB), also known as green kababs,werea yummystarter. Made with spinach, green peas and potato, they were crispy on the outside and very green inside. They were served with a mint sauce and a sweet, tangy, spicy tamarind sauce.

The PalakPaneer (42RMB) was fantastic. Deep green pureed spinach with cubes of paneer cheese, it had a vibrant and fresh taste.The depth of flavour and combination of spices was perfect and the restaurant even makes their own paneer cheese.Mutton Keema Masala (52RMB) and Butter Chicken (48RMB) were everything a good Indian curry should be –tender pieces of meat in thick rich gravy.

We selected a variety of naans and rice pulaos. AlooStuffNaan(15RMB) was interesting, mashed potato sandwiched between 2 thin layers of fluffy naan bread.Cheese Chili Naan (15RMB)was embedded withsmall bits of green chilli and tasted like a jalapeno cheese biscuit.Veg Pulao (22RMB)had peas, carrots,cauliflower and made a very nice base for the curries.Kashmiri Pulao(26RMB) was milky and sweet with dried fruits and nuts.

Drinks included lassis, fruit juices, soda, chai, coffee (5-45RMB) and hard liquor (15-30RMB). Parking available.

Chak De is a solid option for authentic Indian food at very reasonable prices.

Tane McLeay
2016-12-07 08:58:35
Have eaten here several times alone and with friends.Quick friendly service at reasonable prices. Seating outdoors, inside and upstairs.They follow the cricket so it's not unusual to see on the big screen or hear commentary running from the kitchen.The beer prices are really great and they have Leffe, Duvel etc and of course Kingfisher.Some of the tomato based dishes were too similar in taste to each other but we thoroughly enjoyed the breads and fish dishes.
2016-03-18 16:13:14
Hi Mark, today is the 18th March 2016, and a group of 7 or so booked to dine there tonight ;)
2015-11-17 21:04:30
Went to Chak De around 7pm November 17. Closed. Out of business
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202 Xinyifang Commercial Street

133 0651 5830

Opening Hours:
11am - 11am

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