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Bakery & Mussel /贻贝磨坊
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From the people behind the Marais restaurants comes the new Bakery & Mussels in the same building as the original Marais on Yan’an Road. As the name implies, expect to find European mussels and freshly baked breads, baguettes, croissants, cakes, tarts and even bagels. Then there’s also soups (28RMB), pastas (48-58), pizzas (48-58RMB), sandwiches (35-58RMB), salads (38-58RMB), Asian rice dishes (38-45RMB), French stews (68-78RMB) and fried or scrambled egg brunch plates (35-68RMB). 

The interior and furniture were designed by a Danish interior designer and reflects clean Scandinavian esthetics and modern style. It reminds us of the trendy café restaurants in Shanghai, and we’re happy that Hangzhou now has this kind of beautiful and comfortable place to hang out in. 

The baked goods are made with flour imported from France and Italy. All the items looked tempting and we were told that they sell out every day. We decided to devour the scrumptious Almond Croissant (15RMB) with sugary almond paste filling and the savoury Cheese Sticks (10RMB). You can choose sandwiches from a display case and they will be pressed into a panini for you. Our Ham Cheese Sandwich (48RMB) was a delicious ensemble of Spanish ham, cheese, zucchini, cucumber, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. 

As for the mussels, they are a very hot item. Every time we’ve tried to go there to try the mussels, they’ve been sold out. They are working to ensure regular delivery of mussels from France and the supply will soon become steady. We already saw the cute little individual pots they’ll be serving the mussels in and they will be accompanied with French fries for the complete moules frites experience. Mussels will sell for 158RMB/2 jin, 98RMB/1 jin. 

Drinks include fresh juice blends, coffee and tea. There is also a full bar on the premises for beers and cocktails. Smoking not permitted inside, English and Chinese menu. Parking is available.

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Jiebai New Yuanhua Mall, 179 Yan'an Road

0571 8606 3291

Opening Hours:
9am - 11pm
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