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Bailu Canting, Longyou Branch/白鹿餐厅,龙游店
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Bailu Canting scores 8 out of 10 points on the yummy factor (and that is a professional scale…invented by me, a professional). This popular restaurant is a good place to go with friends. It has been a staple of Hangzhou for years, as is evidenced by the number of new locations they’re opening around town. Here is the scoop.

The prices are relatively cheap considering the quality. Expect to pay RMB 30-40 per person. They have the crowd favorites like Hangzhou Duck and West Lake Fish in a massive menu that takes forever to thumb through. In case you were wondering, they have pictures and pinyin to make it easier for the Chinese impaired.

The quality of the dishes is good. They do tend to use lots of oil, salt, and sugar in the food. Though the only time this was a problem was with the beef and onions. The Tang Cu Li Ji (Sweet & Sour pork) and the roasted chicken were perfect.  As far as alcohol goes there are no imported offerings, but they’ve a good selection of Chinese spirits. Our suggestion is try the Huang Jiu (yellow rice wine) if you haven’t. Don’t worry, it’s not the death wish that Bai Jiu (Chinese moonshine) is.

If you want a fun and relatively cheap night we suggest bowling, followed by Bailu Canting. The restaurant has many branches, but the one at the Hangzhou Yoyongguan is just below the best bowling alley in Hangzhou (5th floor, same entrance as restaurant). Both places get extremely crowded every day, but it is easy to do both.  Go bowling until 7:30-8:00PM then head to the restaurant. You will miss both crowds and the person that got crushed at bowling (mei mian zi) can pay for dinner. The restaurant usually has an hour wait from 5:30 to 7:30PM and bowling always fills up after 8:00PM. Maybe you will see our awesome MORE team there.

You can order:
■ Sliced Cucumbers 黄瓜段 huáng guā duàn 5RMB
■ Sliced Lotus in Honey Sauce 蜜汁藕片 mì zhī ŏu piàn 10RMB
■ Hangzhou Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce 杭州酱鸭 háng zhōu jiàng yā 18 RMB
■ Tea Fragrant Chicken 茶香鸡 chá xiāng jī  40RMB
■ Gold Medal Crispy Fried Sweet Corn 金牌玉米烙 jīn pái yù mĭ lào 10RMB
■ West Lake Vinegared Fish 西湖醋鱼 xī hú cù yú 20RMB
■ Steamed Pork with Preserved Vegetable (serve with bread) 干菜夹饼捂肉 gān cài jiá bĭng wŭ ròu 25RMB
■ Home Style Vegetarian Bum 家乡素包 jiā xiāng sù bāo 10RMB
■ Iron Board Stir-fried Beef Tenderloin 铁板牛柳 tiĕ bǎn niú liŭ 25RMB
■ Sweet and Sour Pork 糖醋里脊 táng cù lĭ jí 15RMB
■ Bamboo Shoots Fried with Sponge Gourd 笋干丝瓜 sǔn gān sī guā 8RMB
■ Eggplants Braised with Yellow Bean Sauce 酱爆茄子 jiàng bào qié zi 8RMB
■ Five Years Yellow Wine 五年陈加饭酒 wŭ nián chén jiā fàn jiŭ 20RMB

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56 Longyou Road

0571 8792 2071‎

Opening Hours:
11am - 9:30pm

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