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Bai Pho Thong/金泰菩
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What goes up, must come down; at least that's how the saying goes. The MORE crew first visited Bai Pho Thong about two years ago - and the initial results were tasty - but after a fairly strong start, things didn't quite live up to our expectations on subsequent visits, and we felt that an opportunity had been sadly missed, to provide Hangzhou with another option in Thai venues that could consistently deliver the goods. On this particular visit, we felt slight apprehension as we walked through the front door, but our fears all melted away as we were greeted by the new Thai managers, as well as their new Thai Executive Chef. A round of drinks were quickly served with a mix of crushed ice, lime, and fruit making a delicious splash to get everyone in the mood. As the food made its way to our table, we marveled at the sight of whole fried fish with spicy sauce, and an amazing soup made with tender pork bits and creamy coconut milk, and of course the refreshing bite of a cold vegetable salad that was both cool, sweet, and fiery at the same time. While the food was truly satisfying in every way, the details of the environment surrounding us during our dining experience were what we felt really sets this venue apart from all the rest. For starters, the waitstaff is extremely courteous and attentive, without overdoing it. Another nice touch was in the authenticity of dinnerware, which made things more fun, as we discussed and swapped stories about shopping the famed streets of the Chatuchak weekend market, and rapidly found ourselves immersed in a good hour of pure conversation, laughter, and casually picking at the remains of a terrific meal. Isn't that what it's all about, after all? If you're looking for real Thai food in a setting that offers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life in our fair city; then this is a must-do item to be checked off your culinary “bucket list.” While we aren't saying you'll never find a better venue than this one, we are confident that you'll forget where you are for a while, as you dive into the best of what Thailand has to offer. Street parking is treacherous, so take a taxi or any of the buses that service the Hefangjie area. Prices are moderate to medium-high, but worth every baht... er, bite!

Aasavri Talwar
2014-12-09 22:13:48
We went for dinner here on a tuesday.. the food was quite okay! But the whole atmosphere was so awkward. There was no one but us in the whole restaurant. The staff would just stand and stare, and towards the end of it, around about 9pm, they switched off the lights. I wouldn't recommend it.
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29 Gaoyin Street

0571 8783 0179

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 10pm
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