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Have you ever eaten a black burger? Probably not. Hangzhou has a new trendy burger spot on 264 Middle Zhongshan road. Look for a black rectangular sign with a big shinny "B". Can’t miss it. Black Burger put a lot of thought into the design and detail to let their customers have a fun burger experience. 

The ceiling is a mirror with wooden bannisters, and black lights hanging. In addition, the restaurant also has two graffiti style paintings of burgers on the walls. They were playing classic American rock, and Wi-Fi information was painted on the wall beside a painting of a cat with cool shades on.

The seats are very limited. There are two two-seater tables and two four person tables. After you sit down, one of the young staff members comes and brings you a handmade menu. The menu is all handwritten in Chinese with some cute cartoon drawings, but the names of the burgers were written in English as well, so no worries.

All of the food was consistent with their presentation, portions, and flavours. The burgers were served on a wooden platter with crispy seasoned potato wedges that were nicely stacked. Black Burger offers six different types of black burgers. The Hawaiian Burger (48RMB) had a pineapple sitting perfectly on top of the patty with chopped up beet cubes in the center of the pineapple with a strip of bacon and melted cheddar which gave this creation a nice kick of spice to it. The combination of sweetness and spice is quite noticeable.

Next, we got a Pesto Burger (48RMB) which was smothered with pesto sauce and crispy red and yellow peppers.

Then came the Elvis Burger (48RMB), and if you love heated peanut butter and hamburgers, then you will probably enjoy this concoction.

And finally the menu is complete with a Mushroom Burger (48RMB), a B.B.Q Burger (43RMB), and a Classic Beef Burger (38RMB) in case the others we tried aren't enough for you.

Menu options also include appetizers such as chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and potato wedges covered in glazed onions. 

The drinks here have a retro diner feeling because of the labels on the bottles. They even offer fruit sodas and drinks that are poured into champagne glasses.

The prices at Black Burger are very reasonable for its quality and quantity. The average cost per person is 57RMB, so it's a good place to go with a friend to catch up and enjoy creative artwork. You can share an appetizer and cut your burgers in half to try a couple of different and unique flavours.

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264 Middle Zhongshan Road

155 2666 9189

Opening Hours:
11am - 10:30pm (mondays off)

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