In This Month's MORE Hangzhou

  • The Best Brunch Choices in Town 想吃早午餐吗?
    Brunch, an eternal topic, we can hear that question all the time "XXX, do you know where can I go for brunch? Can you recommend somewhere?" So we decided to update our brunch list every now and then, just to keep you updated, let's check out the best choices now.
  • Finding the Happiest Hours in Town
    You know it's always nice to go to a place where you can have a few drinks with your mates after work, whether to discuss business, life, dreams, relationships, or Trump's latest gossip. Happy Hour is a great time to do so. We've gathered some of the hottest venues in town to meet your requirements. Enjoy the discount and the free flow.
  • The Best Places for Brunch
    We've been asked the keyword "brunch" on our official wechat so many times that we have to admit that you don't really have that many options in Hangzhou. We are trying our best to put them all together for you, and believe there will be more soon, so stay tuned.