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Russian Food Festival at Café Royale ()
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Wyndham Grand Plaza hotel’s Café Royale continues its culinary tour around the world, this time bringing Hangzhou the charismatic flavours of mother Russia.

Setting the stage for our media preview dinner was a table laid with nesting matryoshka dolls and life size nutcracker soldier statues while our ears were treated to Classical Russian masterpieces such as the Rach 3 (Rachmaninov’s monstrously difficult Piano Concerto #3) and the Swan Lake overture.

Chef Elena Grabovskaia, who we spotted as a stout and sturdy Russian babushka dashing quickly between the dining room and the kitchen, prepared a traditional Russian feast for us, complete with vodka and blinis, both as a savoury appetizer and as a sweet dessert.

To begin, was the savoury blinis appetizer, delicate pancake rolls with smoked salmon, cucumber, green onion, sour cream and red caviar (俄式卷饼). A refreshing start to the meal.

Then came a selection of salads including one with red beet and a “Mimosa” salad with a base of potatoes, a thin layer of smoked salmon and topped with finely chopped egg white and egg yolk.

Of course there is the most famous borscht soup, here a hearty rendition with meat, potatoes, cabbage and flavoured with tomatoes and beet.

Baked pork neck was topped with a caramelized apple ring scented with cinnamon. The accompanying Pushkin style potato wedges were superbly done, crispy golden on the outside, fluffy inside and well-seasoned with salt and spices.

We were told that the Boyar style fried carp is a recipe that dates from 1780. The presentation is extravagant with a large carp fish cut into filet pieces and reassembled. Each filet piece was fried in a seasoned flour coating.

Cow tongue is probably not something people would line up for, and admittedly we were not looking forward to this dish when we saw it on the menu, but the cow tongue stew turned out to be quite lovely.  The cow tongue was very soft and you could cut it with just the edge of a spoon. It was cooked in a creamy mushroom soup with sour cream and dill.

Blinis made an appearance again at the end, to close off the meal just as they had started it. The dessert blinis were folded in a quarter, a spongy pancake to be topped with jam, honey and sour cream.

Café Royale

2/F, Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou, 555 Fengqi Road

0571 8761 6888-6321

2018-09-14 2018-09-22

17:30:00 - 21:00:00

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